Product development is often based on personal experience, from clients, operating and working personnel, and within “Catonets safety solutions” this is no exception.

Managing director Cato Christensen has several years of experience as a field engineer working on wind turbines. Therefore, he knows how dangerous it is when several field engineers are working at the same time at different levels inside a tower or on fixed platforms.

Tools dropped from large heights can be potentially fatal or disabling if a dropped object hits a colleague many meters further down, Of course, the safety helmet does provide some protection, but the rest of your body is exposed to falling objects and possibly fatal injuries.

Therefore, Cato Christensen has developed a safety solution that can be fastened inside a wind turbine tower and on various fixed and floating assets. The safety net catches any falling objects effectively, which means that field engineers can work safely without risking life and limbs.

For wind turbine owners/manufacturers, the safety net results in less overall working hours as more field engineers can work inside the tower at the same time, bringing the overall maintenance time and thereby WTG off time down, minimizing lost production and increasing revenue.

Catonets ApS has patent on the safety nets, which have been developed in cooperation with Siemens and tested thoroughly at the Danish technological Institute.

It is easy and quick to fasten the safety net on existing bolts in the tower and these types of nets have already been implemented in large parts of Europe and Africa offshore and onshore.


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