Catonets safety nets are made of twisted nylon but are also available in fire-resistant materials as well as for the salty environments of offshore platforms and working areas.

The safety nets are available with mesh sizes according to the customer’s wishes, but usually 10 or 20 mm. The nets are approved to resist objects up to 6 kg from a height of 24 meters.

Catonets safety nets are easy and quick to fasten on existing bolts or using certified magnets precisely calculated to protect regards to the possible max weight of dropped objects.

In a wind turbine, we normally install safety nets in 2 levels, 1 set of safety nets consist of 1 safety net for the platform and 1 safety net for the lift shaft, ensuring that each platform is covered entirely to minimize any dropped objects in harming people or damage of material, as gensets, control panels, etc.

Our safety nets are manufactured in Northern Jutland Denmark, tested by and together with Force Technology, and provide effective and inexpensive protection against serious work accidents wherever people are working on multiple platforms.


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